Intellectual Developmentism carries around varies concepts on the human condition and future of the world. The current society is intangibly faulty. While technology continues to advance, the human gap between those that are enlightened and those who have the corrupt mindset of having the freedom to do whatever they want. The goal of the human species is to understand thyself more. When this concept is carried out, a chain of enlightenment can begin; thus, creating the collective consciousness of humanity.

In today’s world, corporations withhold innovation for their own personal needs or profits. This sets back the human intellect, for this is corruptive thought as is the thought of being able to do anything. Although technology does continue to advance, can humanity’s intelleect keep up? There are more individuals waking up to the reality of our species in the 21st century more than ever. Now, this could be due to the fact that the population is just larger and nothing new really has happened or individuals are actually, in fact, becoming – aware. The counter to this idea is he amount of individuals that are not aware, not aware of the reality of the world, and have yet to reach the enlightment of “to understand thyself more”.

The steps of an intellectual developmentist would include the following:

  • Social Reform
  • Correct mindset
  • Understanding
  • Enacting the domestic and economic reforms needed

The Future is an organization meant to help enlighten our fellow brothers and sisters. In order for us to continue to live in harmony, we must establish affinities with one another.